Past Projects & References

We have been trying hard to launch all the necessary functions of this brand new website first. That is why you can find still only part of our past projects. We will try to top this section up soon..


International congress `Spiny Perspectives´ - Prague 2009

organized by J. Šnicer, T. Doležal and Z. Janeba in cooperation with Prague Botanic Garden.

The congress was dedicated to the topic of protection and conservation of Cactaceae and other succulent plants. One of the main conference goals was to initiate communication between national/international authorities/institutions and enthusiasts, amateur researchers/growers and professionals, experts from countries of origin and from countries where plants are propagated in culture.

Roy Mottram´s  text in Cactus Talk 09 dealing with Spiny Perspectives project


Profesor Jaroslava Záhora´s insightful  paper on ecology of Mexican habitats (presented at the Spiny Perspectives congress). 




Figural Exhibition ARKÁDY 09 - Uncommon Beauty of Cacti

Photographs of Jarda Šnicer




Czech daily Lidové noviny  on discovery of new Lophophora 

(Note extraordinary photo portraits of description authors..) 




First exhibition of Cacti & Succulens, Prague Botanic Garden

Chief organizer: Jarda Šnicer

Invitation card 




Czech Radio -Marek Janáč interviewing J. Šnicer

Reportage for public broadcasting station




Cactus and Co.: Desription of Turbinicarpus graminispinus 

written by our friends and lucky explorers Vojta, Zdenek and Grzegorz with Darek.