About us


NO to illegally imported plants.
YES to saving biodiversity by patient & passionate propagation in culture.


 We are an informal cooperative of cacti-loving enthusiasts, specialized growers and amateur botanists centered around Jarda Šnicer and his nursery. He is the key person of the project and most of the eshop work relies on him: gathering the orders from other growers, packing, shipping but also selection of the seeds and plants of the highest botanical value.

We believe that the skills of Czech and Slovak growers have been generally well known and this tradition is something we want to follow.

Besides the strong Czechoslovak gardening tradition, the more particular roots of our cooperative of enthusiasts derive from life-long experiences of us as individual hobbyists and amateur botanists. If you are interested in an array of related activities, please see Past projects & References.

 The leading and founding person of the project as well as the nursery director is Jarda Šnicer, called "malej Jarda" by good friends - which can be translated as "little Gerardo".

Zahradnictví Malej Jarda / Little Gerardo´s Cactus Nursery
     Písková Lhota 158
     294 31 Krnsko
Czech Republic