Terms of the purchase

  • There is no minimum limit for an order

  • Term for proccessing an order is 3-6 weeks (the plans need to be treated and prepared carefully for safe and rdy transport; for some orders we must also gather plants from diffferent collections)

  • Only prepaid orders can be sent abroad

  • You can choose the way of payment: pay with PayPal immediatelly after finnishing your shopping while checking out your cart - or use the interbank transfer

  • Due to low temperatures the earliest term possible to handle orders is aproximatelly  March 20 and the lates October 31 for most of the goods offered

  • Postage is based on current prices of Czech Post plus costs on package

  • We ask kindly our underage customers not to order without having informed their parents in advance

  • Plants are sent wrapped in paper or a put in paper sacks, with roots treated for safe transport, without pots and soil, accompanied by a relevant name-label

  • We will gladly sell you the potted plants in our sale greenhouse in the nursery

Complete terms of the purchase