Aztekium valdezii GCG 10893, Loma Alta, NL (10 SEEDS)

10 seeds

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Growing tips:

Do not sow the seeds under fluorencent tubes! Either higher level of light or higher tempertaure obviously prevents many seeds from germinating. Prefer diffused natural light and warm place at the (winter/spring) S or SW window in the room temperature.

In case there is no success at all in a particular sowing box we have good experience with letting the box open to dry out - and try some days or weeks later in another conditions. Sometimes, the seeds show unpredictable volatility even when comparing two identical boxes with seeds standing side by side under the same conditions - this is however only another reason to stop the process and try again a bit later.

Growing the small amount of A. valdezii from seeds: from our experience we recommend you to sow the valdezii seeds together with higher amount of seeds of any other slow grower (e.g. strombocacti or even A. ritteri). The tiny seedlings resist easier the algae invasions and generally thrive better amidst denser population of seedlings. (And there is no risk of confusing valdezii with other plants when geting bigger)



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