Thank you for visiting Little Gerardo´s nursery website. Welcome and enjoy the virtual visit to our online nursery! We hope you always find here something special and delightful for you..  

Let us gladly announce the first LIST OF PLANTS 2018 prepared for Spring shipment !! Please note, that: (1) the plants will be sent off in early May, whenever the weather conditions allow it. (2) Many of the offered plants are available in very limited quantities.

The ever-growing list of fresh seeds dominates the offer these days and weeks. Besides the list of various genera which usually starts with plants followed by seeds, you can find e.g. the popular section of frost hardy cacti or selected bulk portions.

More specifically, let us recommend e.g. the especially strong assortment of AztekiumAriocarpus, Lophophora and Echinocereus as well as the unique offer of rare Mammillaria

Aztekium valdezii



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